We had a great summer in the Pacific Northwest, with the rains and wind now coming more often, winter is coming our way.  This summer I got to spend time with my daughter, Kara & her children, my grandson, Ethan & grand daughter, Pyper as well as my son, Derek and his daughter, Skye.  Skye and I were to go see Taylor Swift in late August, but due to me old leg I had to forgo the show.  She had a wonderful time, and that's what being a grandpa is all about.  My flowers were fantastic this year and I made some great music with friends from here to there.  

I am involved in a few very cool shows in the next few weeks. The Robin Hood Pub, in Union, Washington with old friend, Robert Poole, has established a great open mic and for years has had a "featured act" from 8-9pm, which I have had the pleasure of playing many times and turning friends onto.  The last featured act will be September 25th, which I will be doing with my mate, Steve Harrold on bass.  Will miss this venue, but will hope that this soon gives way to the new and improved, featured act.

On September 29th, I will be the lead off act for an evening of music to assist with Suicide Prevention for our returning troops that have had multi deployments to both Iraq & Afghanistan, as well as Vietnam Vets.  The bill will include Secret Lee, check her out on YouTube and national blues act, Cee Cee James.  I am working with my old friend Dan Mohler for my set and looking forward to the evening.  You can check out a new tune that Dan & I recently had shot for video at www.youtube.com/christopherbrantandersson One Wish.

On October 10th, Steve Harrold and I will be working with Carolyn Cruso @ Egan's Ballard Jam House, 7-9pm,  Looking forward to this show as Carolyn is an amazing player and writer.  She moves easily between pop, jazz and Americana.  Carolyn is one of the most distinctive writers I have heard in years.

After the show with Carolyn & Steve I will be taking a longish break from performance, I have to deal with some medical issues, plus will be writing for a new recording project, which has been a long time on the drafting table.  "3AM" will be my next project, which will be filled with more jazz influenced pieces.  I will be writing and searching out the right players for this and hopefully will start it in 2014.

Be well out there, keep your faith, keep your sails full and fight evil.