You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind is blowin'.  Seems as if  I've heard that somewhere before.

Times change, season's change and minds change.  The constant is the desire to keep on keeping on, and so it goes.

Due to an operation I had to cancel my first gig in all the years that I have been attempting to play music.  Me eyes were failing me, but now about to go under the knife for the second time this month, I'm told that I will have much better sight.  I have been missing colors for along time and with the procedures the doctor is doing, so far just the left eye, I can see this is a truth.  Can't wait to have the other one done so I can sit and stare at the sun rises and sun sets.   I guess one gig out of @R#& years of playing isn't too bad a record.

Had the pleasure March 15th of playing with THE POPE'S NOSE at the Blarney Stone in Seattle, a wonder send off to their mate and a fresh beginning. Hopefully it won't be the last time these cats get together and male their joyful noise.

Attempting to write once again, though it's a slow process lately.  Don't seem to have too much to say other than responses to the political situation here in the States or the lack of muse, but this is the way it always goes.  The good news is I have a bunch of progressions and riffs, now to finds something to say.

Discovered Eva Cassidy a wonderful 33yr old that lost her battle with cancer way too early in life, but her sort body of work  will long survive that battle.  If you haven't heard her, do yourself a favor and check her body of work out.....glorious.

Be well out there and treat yourself to an evening of live music.