Summer is really happening in the Pacific Northwest, I can not remember a fourth of July without at least a sprinkle, but this year it was beautiful. 

Life on the Hood Canal is busy, I have been working on my home and garden, love the flowers.  My daughter is coming for a three week visit with my grand children, so it was time to remodel the half bath and spruce up the house, so I have scaled back performance a bit so I could get my knuckles scraped, fingers hit with the hammer and tested my plumbing skills.  In hind sight, I probably would have been ahead of the game to hire it all out, but think of all the fun I would have passed on.

I am writing again, not sure where that leads me, but hopefully a new project next year.  I'm also attempting to head to the UK this fall.  Much of the material off the last project, "Gravity & Time" was either written or germinated there.  I like the UK, it's a bit slower than what I'm used to over here, plus I don't have to drive.  It wouldn't be a safe thing for me or others anyway.  For some reason they drive on the wrong side of the road.

Here's hoping your holidays are filled with sun, family & friends.
With friendship,