So happy to announce that Christine Salazar's debut CD, "On To Something", is on it's way to us, it should be arriving around the 27th of this month.  Christine is an amazing writer, singer and force, this disc will prove that.  I was very honored that she entrusted me with the task producing and  sorting out the vibe, direction and sounds for her work.  All the musicians that assisted in this project were a pleasure to work with and assisted so greatly to the tunes.  James Newman at RHR Studios was with me every step of the way, a huge tip of the hat and thank you goes out to him.  Christine is one of those artists that is hard to label as she writes in many styles of music, but one thing for sure no matter which direction she's going, it's bound to be artistic and just plain good listening.  You can check her out at; for up coming shows and release date.

"Gravity & Time", my new work is in final mix and headed toward mastering.  James and I were hoping to have it completed by the end of July, but time takes time, it should be ready for duplication at the end of August.  I am very happy with what we have accomplished on the tunes and look forward to completion of this work.  

I have a couple of remaining shows with the trio: Keith Pasculli and Lance DeMers before heading off to the UK for a bit of a holiday and some work for a couple of weeks, but look forward to returning to complete the work and begin discussions concerning CD release parties with Barney McClure and hopefully the Total Experince Gospel Choir.

The Antlers of Poor Judgment have now cemented Larry Dewey as a member of the group along with myself and my dear friend, bass player, Steve Harrold.  We are looking forward to playing more and just having a great time.  Our last couple of shows together have just been too much fun, magical and musical, so I am also looking forward to the coming fall with many more shows with this group.

Be well out there, stay busy, continue your good work and stay out of jail,