2012 is about to leave us, the end of the world did not occur, which is really good for my schedule. It was a great year of playing music with mates: Keith Pasculli, Lance DeMers, Steve Harrold & Christine Salazar. It has also been a great year for my family, here's wishing you and yours also had a great year.

The year has been difficult for all of us with the current global financial situation, I know many who are suffering due to unemployment or housing difficulties due to the break down in stock exchange or the housing market. Hopefully this year some resolution will be put into place and we all can at feel some assurances.

It has also been a hard year with nature here in the states as around the world. Hopefully you all have taken some time to reflect on what each of you can do to assist. I have found that even though it's not much, sending off a bit to some of the hurricane or other disasters allows me to feel like I am involved and trying to assist.

The year has been a bit strange with all the violence either with nature or persons that are hell bent for leather to do harm, but we all continue on. If, like me, you're tired of all the murders, please take time to write your representatives to let them know that some form of legislation needs to be in place to bring the problem with guns in this nation under control.

Christine Salazar and I are working towards a new recording for her catalog and I am writing for an upcoming project also.

Be well out there, take care of each other and I will look forward to either seeing you at a gig or done some road, in some joint, on some stage.

May 2013 be a good year for you and yours........with friendship..Christopher