The holidays are over, I hope you all had a great time with friends and family.

Can't quite grasp the concept myself, but it’s now 2012, last year was a great year with yet another release, “GRAVITY & TIME” and the opportunity to produce Christine Salazar with her debut release, “ON TO SOMETHING”.  Both projects are on sale with CD BABY, ITUNES and always at our shows.

This year the goal is to get the music out there in our region more and we are happy to have found a new listening venue through veteran player, singer/songwriter Kevin Jones who graciously turned us onto the RENDEZVOUS WINE & BREW in Enumclaw.  We look forward to working the room and exploring more options as the month moves on.  But, we are also looking forward to our main stay, THE UNION SQUARE DELI & THE ROBIN HOOD RESTRUANT AND PUB in beautiful downtown UNION.


I will also be booking some solo gigs this year as well as duo, trio and quintet gigs with Keith Pasculli and Lance DeMers, as well as our friends Kevin Veatch on guitar and Ed Bates playing keys.

Also there is movement with POOR JUDGMENT, which seems to rotate between Larry Dewey on guitar, Chele Shepard on vocals and accordion and joining us on vocals and percussion, Suzanne St Peters.  Steve Harrold, my great friend and bass player and I are also working a bit with guitarist and harmonica player Steve Madsen.  So the ever-continuing evolving line up with this group continues on.  We are also attempting to get this sound out to other market areas.

We all hope you had good holidays and that life is treating you well.  Remember to take time for you, your dream and never-I mean never give up on those dreams.  What is the sense of all this that we have to endure without our dreams?

Thanks to all you who have given my music and musical family a chance this past year or in this coming year.