The new work is completed and released - a very long process this time around with producing another artist in the midst of recording "Gravity & Time", but well worth the effort. The trio has now expanded to a quintet with the addition of Kevin Veatch on guitar and Ed Bates on keyboards and we are off to a good start with two shows this weekend. The work will be going out to publications in the next few weeks for review. Our next show here in the Puget Sound area will be with the rest of the recording folks; Barney McClure on piano and Hammond B3 as well as Josephine Howell, a wonderful singer, both added greatly to the work.

If you haven't checked out Christine Salazar's, "On To Something", do yourself a favor and have a listen.  Christine is an amazing singer, player and writer.  She will be joining me on November 12th to celebrate the release of both pieces of work.

Fall is upon us and though I'm busy, I'm not sure the change in weather is welcomed, I already miss the long and warmer days.

Be eell and continue to support local music....Cheers