Been awhile since I did a blog.  Life for me has continued on.  I am suffering from Asbestosis and for the past couple of years have been unable to attend to my musical life.  My lungs are in a severe state due to scarring, but I have had a couple of things happen that have given me a beautiful break from all that.  My daughter came in from the UK for a visit, it was so good to spend some quiet time together.  Next time we won't tell a soul & will drive out of town as soon as she arrives.  We liked that father/daughter time together.  I also recently asked my son to take me to my birth state, Wyoming.  We went to Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Sturgis, Casper, Devils Tower, Yellowstone and of course the Rockies.  A wonderful trip and country I had not seen in decades.  Sure looks like corporate America has had it's way with the family farms, there is a bunch of growth throughout the  region, I think mining and working for corporation farming must be what's keeping it together.  Real friendly folks on there though, we met some great characters out there on the road.  Be kind to each other and do something good for yourself.  Keep watching out, if I can figure out how to accomplish live performance again, I'll be out there doing what I do.