This summer has been a busy time, more with working on my home than anything, but have kept plugging away at the music also.  Just started pre-production for Christine Salazar's new CD and feel excited and honored to be working with such a gifted artist once again. 

I am writing for a new project and have recieved a tune from good friend Brian Cutler that I will be trying on for size for the new work.  

It's a bit unsettling for us here in the Pacific Northwest as we have had a very dry warm summer, which is not the norm.  Can't say it's as bad as the UK for summers around here, but we are not used to all this sun.  My plants, flowers and the rest of my growing things are normally looking sad by this point in September, but so far they are all still looking vibrant and beautiful.

Hopefully everyone has had a great summer and I look forward to getting back to a bit more performance and saying hello to you out there down some road, in some joint.
With friendship,