After a marathon winter of recording two projects at the same time it is great to be able to say Christine Salazar's, "ON TO SOMETIHING", which is an amazing collection of tunes is in mix and after mastering is ready to be heard and supported.  Christine's work is currently under way with art work and the hope is for a late June release. 

The other project recorded is my new work,"GRAVITY & TIME", which is finally in mix and will consist of some of my tunes, "Rembrandt Light", "Try Not To Rust", "My Shore", Quarter Heart Time", "Where Does Love Go", "Under The Covers" an instrumentatl, "Barbara's Garden"work as well as covers, Dlyan's, "Ballad of Hollis Brown", John Martyn's, "Sweet Little Mystery" and Ron Davies, "Somebody's Watchin".   The work has been long, but rewarding and is supported by Barney McClure, piano/Hammond, Mike Nelson on slide guitar, Mike Derzon on harmonica and mandolin, Richard Carpenter and Caitlin Olive on violins, Kevin Veatch on guitar & keys, Ed Bates on keys, James Newman, Keith Pasculli on bass, Lance DeMers on drums and percussion.  The greatest contributor to the project was my nine year grand daughter Skye Marie Anderson on percussion and a great vocal with grandpa.   I can not wait to share both projects with you on this site in the very near future.

The winter was long, the spring has been cold and summer appears to be taking it's sweet time.  I am feeling very secure in the path I'm on and wishing you all the best on yours.