It has been some time since I posted on this web site.  For me it's been an itch I could not scratch due to one circumstance or another.   Actually it has been a two and half year struggle to regain my health, parts on me are beginning to wear out.  I have a short schedule playing music over the next month or so, hopefully it can grow a bit.  Right now I am content to be out playing a bit, working on my home and being with kids and grand children.  

I need to thank some folks that have been so kind during this time period.  Firstly I want to thank my friend Larry Dewey for bringing the muse to me, assisting me to get my chops back and getting my vocals rolling again.  Then there's Larry's CHICKEN SOUP - Holy Moly, that boy can fix some soup.  I want to also thank my son Derek Brant Anderson for stepping up at the right to to assist.  I love you my son.  I have to also thank my daughter Kara Woodhouse Kent who in a sense has become who I answer to.  If I am not feeling well or in crisis we talk daily, if not we talk twice a week and I have learned to follow her marching orders.  I also have to include my other mate, Skye Marie Anderson, my son's daughter and my best mate.  Skye has been taking care of me in ill health since she was about four years old, my shoulders only relax when she is here at the house.  My other two grand children, Kara's children, Ethan will turn 18 years old in August and will head off to University & Pyper, who turned 15 this year moves out of grammar  school and on to the final levels.  Much thanks to both of my sisters, Barbara Kravich and Nancy Lockwood, who also stepped up taking very good care of their older brother this past couple of years also.  (They like when I say that- the older part.)

 a twelve year battle with asbestosis my heart was greatly affected, I had two heart attacks over the past two years, three stents later,  it's been hard climb up the hill, but I am close to it and fighting daily to play more music.  I also have to thank Chris Lunn, Kevin Jones, Larry Murante, Sonny Glover, Steve Beck, Steff Kayser, Rob Kneisler & Mark Filler for assistance with their benefit for my medical bills.  That meant the world to me.  

I hope all in your lives are well, if not, fight every day to get on with it.  
Fight evil, stay healthy.   With friendship, CBA