Christopher Brant Anderson

As an established North West artist, Christopher Brant Anderson has shared the stage with national and international acts including;  Danny O'keefe, Michael Tomlinson, David Lange, Roy Rogers, Jessie Winchester, Donavan, America, Norton Buffalo, Al Dimiola, Phoebe Snow, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Dave Mason, Jessie Collin Young, Joan Armatrading, Bruce Hornsby, Ron Davies, Nicolette Laraon and Susan Vega and many other acts.

Christopher Brant Anderson is a contemporary songwriter who creates refreshing and original music. His music reflects his love of jazz, blues, country, rock and traditional folk. This unique style is evident in the way he interprets the work of other artists as well as his own music. He resides in the Pacific Northwest and plays regionally and in the UK over the past few years.


 ANDERSON & SKOK,  "IN & OUT OF RHYME", was featured on a Seattle radio station, "The KEZX Album Project".  "High Flying Bird", the last cut on "In & Out of Rhyme", was chosen for inclusion on the album. The work gained substantial regional success as a result, and garnered some national airplay, before both artist moved on to  pursuing their solo careers.


PENTIMENTO,”  one of the finest projects for Christopher.  

'INCOGNITO, LIVE AT DESTINOS", featuring Anderson & Tom Wilson.

 "LIVE & KICKING" a compilation of originals and covers by Bruce Cockburn, Bob Dylan and The Beatles.


 "THE LIGHT",  a tune Anderson wrote  was showcased for the opening credits of a Mark Woytowich Film. The song was also selected for the community CD "BRED TO JAM FOR BREAD", which assisted the Mason County Food Banks.

"ATTIC SESSIONS",  featured a thoughtful collection of Anderson's early writings and two new tunes and garnered wonderful reviews.


 "LEARNG TO COUNT TO FOUR", a collection of older material recorded early in Anderson's career was also released to great regional reviews. 


Produced, Christine Salazar (who shared her vocal talents  working on "ATTIC SESSION") on her debut CD, "ON TO SOMETHING", which garnered Anderson good production reviews.


"GRAVITY & TIME", Anderson's newest release is now available on line and at shows. 


Christopher Brant Anderson books engagements throughout the Northwest as a solo artist as well as working in configurations of duos, trios, quintets featuring master musicians; Dan Mohler on bass, Lance DeMeres on drums and percussion, Keith Pasculli on bass, Christine Salazar on vocals & guitar, Steve Harrold on bass and Barney McClure a jazz legend in the Pacific Northwest as well as  nationally for his work on keyboard as well as Hammond B3 who also worked with Christopher on "GRAVITY & TIME".